3 differnt classes in this post they are broken into sections and

for every assignment that says paper it has to be a essay and i need refrences

Here is section 1 part 1


Complete the following problems. For assistance, you may want to refer to these examples. The Word document has instructions on using the Excel spreadsheet.



Download the Week 04 Problems Excel spreadsheetto use in completing your problems. You will notice that each problem has its own worksheet.

  1. A self-employed person deposits $1,250 annually in a retirement account (called a SEP-IRA) that earns 5.5%.
    1. How much will be in the account at age 62 if the savings program starts when the individual is age 50?
    2. How much additional money will be in the account if the saver defers retirement until age 66 and continues the contributions until then?
    3. How much additional money will be in the account if the saver discontinues the contributions at age 62, but lets it build up until retirement at age 66?
  2. If a firm has $250,000 to invest and can earn 8.5%, compounded annually, how much will the firm have after two years?
  3. A father has decided to set aside a one time lump sum for college that will amount to $60,000 by the time his 5 year old is 18 years old (13 years). Use 8% as the rate. Figure the dollar amount to put in the fund assuming no further investments will be made. How much must he invest right now to amount to $60,000 in 13 years?
  4. You win a judgment in an auto accident for $275,000. You will immediately receive $135,000 in cash, but must pay your lawyer’s fee of $91,666 out of that sum. In addition you will receive $5,500 per year for 20 years for a total of $110,000 after which the balance owed of $30,000 will be paid. If the interest rate is 7 percent, what is the current value of your settlement?
  5. A firm borrows $935,000 for 7 years for a large item of equipment and installation costs. The interest rate is 7.5%. The loan requires that the interest and principal be paid in equal, annual payments that cover the interest and principal. The interest is determined on the declining balance that is owed. What are the annual payments and the amount by which the loan is reduced during the first year?
  6. A company leases equipment for seven years. The equipment costs $28,000 and the owner (called the “lessor”) wants to earn 9.5% on the lease. What should be the lease payments?



Section 2 Part 1

In a 1-2 page Microsoft Word document, explain the concepts related to the weekly lecture and readings in connection with this case study.  

Joseph got into some trouble with the police when he was a teenager. He dropped out of college and did not have a steady job at age 22. Joseph’s grandfather was very concerned, so he promised Joseph that if he got a steady job, did not break the law again, and would go back to college, he would pay Joseph $20,000. Would the various promises on Joseph’s part would constitute valid consideration for the payment of the $20,000? Explain some of the issues of law that may affect the outcome of this case.



Section 2 part 2

Locate information on one Federal Judicial decision regarding contract law (you can include Supreme Court decisions in your choice if you prefer). In a 1-2 page paper, discuss the issues surrounding this decision. Include an overview of the law, and why or how it came about. If the law relates to an actual court case, include a short summary of the actual case.


Section 3 part 1

So far in your communication reflection you have focused on written and verbal communication. The final conceptual piece to consider is your personal strengths and weaknesses. Are you a stronger written communicator, or is your verbal communication usually better? What is most important for you to improve on in order to be a strong job applicant and a successful future employee in your career field?


The last attchment is corrections from my business class all my papers need to look like recomended or they will keep giving me 60 % percent so for all my business classes please make sure they are like the teacher wants in the attachment


here is the question


Do you feel that Excel can be a useful tool in solving time value of money problems? What are some features of Excel that you will use most often? Please share any tips that you may have for using Excel. Also, use this discussion forum to post any questions that you may have regarding Excel.

this is the post i need replyed to based on that question


reply to this

Yes I feel Excel is a very useful tool in solving time value of money problems. Before my accounting class I wouldn’t use it for money purposes but now I budget my monthly bills based on what I learned in my accounting class. I  have always used excel for many purposes such as charts and other work related reports.  It keeps the information you input very organized. It could be numbers, money, birthday list, or anything else that you want to keep organized and easy to find. Some  features of Excel that I will use often are the formulas, the cell formatting, the filter and sorting… its everything really. It just depends what I am working on. I still use 2007, I am eager to try 2013. If I list all the tips, I would be typing forever. I learned just by messing with it and trying everything to see what it does and how it works. That is the best way for me to learn. The only tip I can say  is explore it and you will love it. It makes everything easier.


and reply to this


Yes, excel can be a useful tool in solving time value of money problems. The features of excel that use more often are the percentages, graphs, and the features within the formulas tab. When using excel, I strongly suggest knowing about the different formulas is a plus as excel can take you far in life. There are so many goals, spreadsheets, and financial statements that can be created within excel. It can make life so much easier within the business and personal world. I enjoy using excel and wouldn’t trade it for any of other software with regards to numbers.





here is another main question

Discuss when a promise may constitute consideration. Do you believe that a promise would hold up in a court of law? Why or why not? Discuss when you have been involved in making a contract or agreement. Was it written or verbal? What issues could occur with a verbal agreement/contract? 

In your response to another student state if you agree with their statements about when a promise may constitute consideration. Explain.


reply to this

I believe a promise will be hold up in court if you have the promise written out with a notary seal on it, that will let the judge know that it was said and with a seal on it.
I made an agreement with someone on decorating a party, just a birthday party, for their child, and it was a very important party, so I sign an agreement, they paid me the money for the job, and the work was done, but if I fell to do so they would have taken  me to court and put a lawsuit on me, that was in the agreement, in order for me not to be suit, I have to keep up with the agreement.



last main question


Identify a job that interests you in your career field. Take a look at the communication skills listed in the job description. Is it what you expected or is it different? What communication skills seem to be most important to the position? Please share your job title and the details you found regarding desired communication skills with your peers. Then, share with a peer how communication skills are important for their jobs, as well


reply to this


Most important communication job skill for a teacher is to be knowledgeable in the subjects they teach Inclusive is the ability to communicate effectively and be able to motivate students, as well as understand the students’ educational and emotional needs. If the written and oral communication skills are not effective children will not understand let alone learn what is being taught. Teacher also need to be able to listen and listening is a good communication skill. The most important skill in a teacher’ job would be to have good diction for oral communication

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