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Final Exam

Part 1 of 1 – 300.29996 Points

Question 1 of 35 8.58 Points

According to our text, social psychology is a science that studies the impact of our

family background



unconscious motives

Question 2 of 35 8.58 Points

Our perceiving ourselves as athletic, overweight, smart, or shy constitutes our ….

egocentric beliefs

interdependent self

interdependent self


Question 3 of 35 8.58 Points

Hypotheses are best characterized by …





Question 4 of 35 8.58 Points

Random assignment is necessary to…

insure mundane realism

insure informed consent

avoid the naturalistic fallacy

rule out preexisting differences between subjects in different experimental confitions

Question 5 of 35 8.58 Points

Social scientists gather information like other scientists, through scientific methods that insure accuracy.



Question 6 of 35 8.58 Points

In an experiment, the variable being measured is called the _____________ variable.





Question 7 of 35 8.58 Points

The tendency to process efficiently and remember well information related to onself is called the





Question 8 of 35 8.58 Points

People who believe themselves internally controlled are more likely to …

take unnecessary tasks

be tolerant of racial differences

engage in self-handicapping

do well in school

Question 9 of 35 8.58 Points

In an experimental study of the effects of failure on self-esteem, self-esteem is the …

control condition

independent variable

dependent variable

experimental condition

Question 10 of 35 8.58 Points

The fact that students tend to have a higher academic self-concept if they attend a school with few exceptionally capable students is best explained in terms of…

locas of control


Social comparison

self- monitoring

Question 11 of 35 8.58 Points

Those who do not exhibit self-handicapping and self-monitoring all reflect human efforts at…


risk- taking



Question 12 of 35 8.58 Points

Dismissive attachement is an avoidant relationship style marked by distrust of others.



Question 13 of 35 8.58 Points

In one study, based on looks alone, people picked the winners of Senate and House races 3 out of 10 times.



 Question 14 of 35 8.58 Points

__________ is the change in behavior or belief to accord with others.





Question 15 of 35 8.58 Points

Which of the following is a technique for measuring attitudes?

self-monitoring pipeline

low ball technique

implicit assocation test

foot in the door technique

Question 16 of 35 8.58 Points

The theory that best states that we adopt certain attitudes in order to justify our past actions is________ theory.

cognitive dissonance

self presentation

psychology reactance

self reliance

Question 17 of 35 8.58 Points

The concept of romantic love is present

only in individualistic societies

only in affluent societies

only in cultures in which there are clear differences in gender roles

in most cultures

 Question 18 of 35 8.58 Points

The difference between deindividuation and groupthink can best be described as

Deindividuation is a psychological state; groupthink is impaired group decision making

Both involve an attempt to blend in with the crowd

Groupthink is when a group’s initial average position becomes more extreme following group interaction; deindividuation is the opposite

Diffusion of responsibility is part of both of these processes

Question 19 of 35 8.58 Points

Our desire to return a favor is best explained in terms of the…

complementary hypothesis

reciprocity norm

mere-exposure effect

Question 20 of 35 8.58 Points

The finding that people pair of with others who are equally as attractive is known as

the matching phenomenon


the reciprocity effect

Gause’s law

Question 21 of 35 8.58 Points

Shared goals that necessitate cooperative effort are said to be…





Question 22 of 35 8.58 Points

The _______ is the shared view that people should obey those with legitimate authority.


influence of behavioral norms

norm of obediance

normative control

Question 23 of 35 8.58 Points

Research has indicated that the number of suicides increases following …

well publicized suicides

the Olympic games

a world war

an economic recession

Question 24 of 35 8.58 Points

The author of cognitive dissonance theory was





Question 25 of 35 8.58 Points

Both acting and believing in accord with social pressure is called…





Question 26 of 35 8.58 Points

When freely chosen action violate important or self-relevant attitudes, the inconsistancy produces an uncomfortable state of tension and arousal termed _______

Indirect influence

cognitive dissonance

Normative influence

Informational influence

Question 27 of 35 8.58 Points

Research indicates that crowding hampers performance on _________ tasks.





Question 28 of 35 8.58 Points

Which process helps explain both social loafing and deindividuation?

group polarization

diffusion of responsibility

supplemental skill development

self censorship

Question 29 of 35 8.58 Points

How social pressure may lead us to perform immoral acts is best illustrated by studies of…

psychological reactance

spontaneous self-concept

informational influence

obedience to authority

Question 30 of 35 8.58 Points

Believing in the superiority of one’s own ethnic and cultural group, and having a corresponding disdain for all other groups is called_______.




ingroup authoritarianism.

Question 31 of 35

8.58 Points

The mode of thinking that persons engage in when concurrance-seeking becomes so dominant in a cohesive in-goupthat it tends to override realistic appraisal of alternative courses of action is called_______.


Question 32 of 35 8.58 Points

Self-discrepancy theory describes how people compare the self with others.



Question 33 of 35 8.58 Points

A social group is two or more people who share some common characteristic that is socially meaningful for themselves OR for others.



Question 34 of 35 8.58 Points

Self-discrepancy theory is the difference between who we think we actually are and our self-guides; this influences our emotional well-being and ultimately our self-esteem.



Question 35 of 35 8.58 Points

Emotions are sparked by interpretations of self-relevant events and their causes.




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